Recycle Tetrapak into a Coin Purse

On: Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tetrapak into a Coin Purse

Oftentimes you can't even imagine how absolutely useless and even ugly things can be recycled into something cute and even stylish.

This DIY is exactly about that: how to turn a juice tetrapak into a cute coin purse. That could also make a great present: you can make them different colors and give to girl friends. Absolutely free and I am sure they will love it!

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D'angelo said...

THans for posting this, I just found ONE juice carton and I'm making one...wish the juice box was prettier though ;)

D'angelo said...

THanks so much for the's what I made (juice pack is covered over by christmas flyers)I do wish I had more so I could make and give em
I think you're a guy but you seem to like DIY and's a yogurt cup plastic necklace/stars on a line:
Thanks for the inspiration!

D'angelo said...

One more thing: maybe my juice carton is longer, but i can manage to slip cards securely between the two sections of the purse! :)

Jessy Troy said...

No,I am actually a girl.

Thanks much!

D'angelo said...

oh sorry. :) your name can be a guy's or girls....well i'm a girl too. :)
you're welcome, your blog is fun and inspirational. :)

Jessy Troy said...

No problem at all! Thanks for your comments - loving them!

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