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Most Bizarre DIY Magazine Rack Designs

On: Wednesday, November 24, 2010

First, a few inspiring examples:

A cheap wire hanger into a magazine rack:

DIY magazine rack

Magazine magazine rack (click the image to go to the original post):

Fancy mags (or anything similar) into the tube magazine rack:

DIY magazine rack

Bizarre Magazine Racks?

What the heck? Why would anyone be interested in magazine racks, much less bizarre ones? Of course, people read magazines, and they probably need a place to put them when they are not reading, but still...magazine racks?

Well, after searching around for some really offbeat magazine racks, you may come to the conclusion that these rather unnoticed and un-thought of household items can actually be really cool! In fact, there are some magazine racks that are incredible artistic achievements in beauty and sculpture, with a value to match the artwork.

A World of Unique Magazine Racks

Magazine racks aren't only for professional offices. There are decorative magazine racks that look like suns, moons, or stars. Some designs look like an assortment of cute puppies or kittens. Some handmade racks are actually cup holders or plastic water bottles that hold rolled up magazines. There are even magazine racks made out of magazines!

Professional magazine racks range from the plain to the decorative to the sublime. Some racks are virtually invisible; the only way one can tell it is a magazine rack is because of the magazines that seem to be holding each other in place. Some of the racks are huge and are actually a real and beautiful piece of furniture. Some are antique in look, made with beautiful woods or metal; others are fancy baskets woven into special shapes as magazine holders.

Magazine Racks are Part of a Winning Atmosphere

The most professional businesses in the country decorate with beautifully designed, and admittedly bizarre, magazine racks. Places, from bank lobbies to doctor’s offices and from television stations to classy modeling agencies, all sport the best in magazine racks. Not only do people use the racks to hold magazines, but they also use them as display shelves. The racks are extremely eye-catching for promotions materials and upcoming events.

A Special Magazine Rack for Your Home

Until you begin searching for bizarre and out-there magazine racks, you may have no idea how fun and useful they are. Not only that, but they truly can be a work of art. Just think of one of your primary interest in life and then picture a rack that expresses that.

You could have magazine racks that look like the following items:
  • Music Stands
  • Art Palates
  • Fine China
  • Oriental Fans
  • Peacocks
  • Gold Fish
  • Rainbows
  • Ships
  • Model T’s
You see? The list is endless. And, this list doesn’t begin to account for the beautiful and well-designed modern magazine racks that can also grace one’s home or personal office.

Find the Design of Your Dreams

Whether you decide to find one of those bizarre magazine racks, or you prefer an elegant style, there are enumerable choices literally at your fingertips. Your computer search engine will take you to some of the most artistic and fun sites, all for magazine racks.

And, if you are really inventive, you might just come up with a design all your own. Who would have thought that a magazine rack could be so exciting?

3 Fun Ways to Recycle Plastic Gift Cards

It seems like any retailer offers gift cards nowadays, so it’s most likely that you’ve accumulated several of them. Have you ever wondered how to recycle them? Well, for you not to search any longer, here are are three fun ideas (and gift ideas as well!):

Recycle Gift Cards into a Bracelet

Seems like it takes some time and effort - but looks lovely!

Recycle Gift Cards into a Bracelet

Recycle Gift Cards into a Notebook

It looks cool and will fit even the tiniest purse!

Recycle Gift Cards into a Notebook
Recycle Gift Cards into a Notebook

Recycle Gift Cards into Christmas Ornament

If you are one of those (us) who is going to celebrate this Christmas on budget and the eco-friendly way, you will love this idea. And it doesn't seem to be to hard to create!

Recycle Gift Cards into Christmas Ornament

Pst... Holiday tip: you can buy gift cards for this holiday season with Gift Card Granny. I found it a great and valid resource. And when the holiday season is over, you can recycle them using this post ideas!

Vinyl Record into a Cool Necklace

On: Monday, November 22, 2010

If you frequent my little blog, you are likely to know how much I love cool original ideas. This vinyl record necklace just made my day.

It looks chick and the implementation is just awesome.

A black record album has been heated and then folded over itself to give the effect of warped pavement.

Looks cool, doesn't it?

Vinyl record necklace
Vinyl record necklace

More awesome DIY projects with recycled vinyl records:

3 Eco-Friendly DIY Christmas Wreaths

On: Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas is approaching fast and you are likely to be already trying to figure out how to make this year's holidays frugal and eco-friendly while still fun.

We save money and we love our home, therefore we love our DIY life!

So here are three totally green and pretty easy-to-craft DIY projects for you to decorate your home on a budget:

Find the instructions here

Old Ties into the Christmas Wreath

I am sure you have plenty of those ties your husband or dad doesn't need any more. Why not turn them into the fun Christmas decoration?

Old Ties into the Christmas Wreath 

Holiday Greeting Cards into the Christmas Wreath

Recycle your friends' holiday greeting cards into holly leaves for this nice Christmas wreath! That's what I call putting good wished to real use!

holiday greeting cards Christmas wreath

Recycle Wine Corks into the Christmas Wreath

Holidays are so rich in wine, so this year you will know how to recycle them!

Wine Corks into the Christmas Wreath 

Pst, here are few more ideas to recycle festive wine corks: Champagne Cork Flash Drive Holder and Wine Cork Serving Tray


Oh and while you are still here, why not take this online test on how well you know Christmas!

10 Cool Computer Clocks - Geeky Days

On: Tuesday, November 16, 2010

If you have successfully scored a great Dell deal and purchased a brand new computer (congrats!), you may be in desperate need to re-use your old one. So here you go: 10 great ideas for you to get inspired!

I know, I know, most of these are too hard to make yourself - but hey! It's holiday and gift-season. You'd better think about the presents now and these clocks can be huge source of inspiration!

Besides, if you manage to make something like this with your own hands, you'll be so proud of yourself (and so will your beloved ones)!

1. iClock: Apple Keyboard Clock

Clock dial is a former Apple iBook G3 Clamshell laptop computer keyboard section.

iClock: Apple Keyboard Clock


2. Mac Keyboard Clock

Is anything made out of Apple keyboards look so awesome, I wonder?

Mac keyboard clock


3. Mac G4 Clock

The side panel of an old Mac G4 recycled into a stylish clock! Simply awesome!

Mac computer clock


4. Windows 2000 Holographic CD Desk Clock

This clock is made from a recycled working copy microsoft windows 2000 Professional CD.

Windows 2000 holographic cd desk clock


5. Laptop Keyboard into a Wall Clock

At the base of the clock hands is a stator from a computer hard drive motor.

Computer keyboard clock


6. Recycled Circuit Board into a Vintage Clock

Awesome vintage look would be a perfect fit for some interiors: A round lemon yellow circuit board with concentric circles of shiny copper sits on top of this chartreuse green circuit board.

Computer clock


7. Apple G3 Computer Front Cover into a Clock

This minimal-design clock could    make a great conversation piece on your wall or great present for your geeky friend:

Computer clock


8. Apple Laptop Computer Clock

A real 12" Apple laptop converted into a clock with a real working pendulum mouse!

Apple Laptop Computer Clock


9. Hard Drive Clock

The face of the clock is the 5 inch platter of a former hard drive. Overall, the clock sports awesome minimalist design:

Computer hard drive clock


10.  A Hard Drive CAT Clock

Can it both fun and geeky?! For sure!

Computer cat clock