3 Eco-Friendly DIY Christmas Wreaths

On: Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas is approaching fast and you are likely to be already trying to figure out how to make this year's holidays frugal and eco-friendly while still fun.

We save money and we love our home, therefore we love our DIY life!

So here are three totally green and pretty easy-to-craft DIY projects for you to decorate your home on a budget:

Find the instructions here

Old Ties into the Christmas Wreath

I am sure you have plenty of those ties your husband or dad doesn't need any more. Why not turn them into the fun Christmas decoration?

Old Ties into the Christmas Wreath 

Holiday Greeting Cards into the Christmas Wreath

Recycle your friends' holiday greeting cards into holly leaves for this nice Christmas wreath! That's what I call putting good wished to real use!

holiday greeting cards Christmas wreath

Recycle Wine Corks into the Christmas Wreath

Holidays are so rich in wine, so this year you will know how to recycle them!

Wine Corks into the Christmas Wreath 

Pst, here are few more ideas to recycle festive wine corks: Champagne Cork Flash Drive Holder and Wine Cork Serving Tray


Oh and while you are still here, why not take this online test on how well you know Christmas!

9 appreciated comments on "3 Eco-Friendly DIY Christmas Wreaths"

Unknown said...

Love these ideas but can you please give proper instructions for making them? Like what kind of circular contraption are you starting out with? What kind of glue are you using? How are you getting the ties to stay stiff and are you gluing them together or stapling?

Jessy Troy said...

Hey Yvonne, hanks for the comment! Unfortunately I have no instructions - I collect ideas and inspiration here - not the tutorials!

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't you credit the originator?

MLDB said...

Hi Jessy (and Yvonne). I loved the cork idea so much that I rooted around and found the instructions.

bethany said...

I bet those first two could be made with the foam wreaths from any craft store ... wrap the ties and hot glue, stiffening the ends with a cardboard insert. Pin the leaf cutouts right into the foam, overlapping as you go around. The corks look a little trickier, I'm betting they're wired together somehow, harder to pull off and probably involves drilling the corks first so they don't split. If there are ready-made metal hoops then stuff could be threaded. Just my 2 cents, they all look great!

Jessy Troy said...

@Anonymous, I always do when I know one!

@MLDB, THANKS so much! I am adding the link with instructions to the post!

@Bethany, thanks for stopping by!

Alaina Frederick of Dinker and Giggles said...

LOVE these ideas!!!! I wish my husband had enough ties that I could swipe some of them :)

Anonymous said...

I've made cork wreaths for years using styrofoam wreaths and (cool melt) hot glue. Since the corks tend to slide around until the glue sets I use floral pins to hold them in place so I can move along around the wreath. Remove the pins when glue is set. You can use floral pins as a handy hanger as well, insert at a downward angle on the back of your wreath, add some reinforcing glue.

Unknown said...

Love the cork wreath, now I gotta either drink lots of whine or beg some friends for some corks! :)

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