Recycle a Computer Monitor into a Cute Cat Bed

On: Sunday, November 29, 2009

Computer Monitor Cat Bed

I love cats, do you? And I know very well how cats love when they have their own cute little home (be it a box or my wardrobe shelf).

And here's a home for a geeky cat: a cute home made of an old CRT monitor! Notice that nice little mouse that serves as a toy. And I love the way the cat bed is decorated and colored (the item is sold out currentky but you can easily make something like this yourself)!

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Grammy Mouse said...

this is cute! and the cat looks like my grand-kitty, LOL!

TB at BlueCollarWorkman said...

Ha! This is hilarious. We don't have a monitor like that anymore, but if we did, I know now what we'd do with it! Well, I wouldn't make it so sissy. I'd paint it camoflauge and stuff. :-)

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