Plastic Bottles Spheric Lamps

On: Monday, December 21, 2009

plastic bottle sphere lamp

Most of us have plenty of used empty plastic bottles at home: some of them can be spent on these cool plastic boxes, others (if you have many) - on this plastic bottle chair and if you still have some, consider this cool spheric lamp.

Empty, unlabeled plastic drink bottles create a burst of light and refraction. Besides, you can control the color of light by choosing different colors.

plastic bottle sphere lamp

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D'angelo said...

oh my gosh both the glass and plastic bottle lights are SOO pretty!! :) i can imagine them in a highprofile place, way more modern than some chandeliers. ;) They are both festive-just look at the circular designs on the wall cast by the plastc bottle ones. ;) do you think they'd over heat at all though?
thanks for sharing...
and have you seen Flexible Love (seat) chairs yte? THey are made from recycled cardboard and are, duh, flexible. ;)
here's the website, but videos demoing its flexibility are better:

Jessy Troy said...

Not sure about the heat - maybe they are using LED lights?
And nice find!

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