Rolled Newspaper Stool

On: Thursday, December 17, 2009

Newspaper Stool

The concept covered in this DIY project is similar to the one we already shared here: a magazine rack. These stools are no more than just tightly rolled newspapers but surprisingly they do look cool!

Newspaper Stool

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hihihi! said...

No way!! haha, are they are sale or just DIY?? I had exactly the same thought when I saw a bunch of wrapping paper tubes in the recycling can. I really wanted to take em out but maybe that's too far in recycling in schools and two, it would have made a over tall and uncertainly stable stool!

Unknown said...

They are DIY, download the pdf instruction on how to make them :)

Unknown said...

Oh! and I just found another try. Look:

Anonymous said...

the most awesome idea ever its easy to make and strong enough to support something quit!FUN AND SOOOO KWL!!!!!!!!

Soendoro Soetanto said...

Nice idea. Thanks.
Soendoro Soetanto

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