DIY Photo Holder

On: Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This is one of those DIY gadgets that will save your life and will take you just a couple of minutes. Actually those are my favorite finds: nothing fancy but really useful.

You can actually elaborate further and use other stuff you have at home to hold the photo using the concept. Enjoy!

DIY Photo Holder

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D'angelo said...

that's really cool!! and useful! you could also do this with a pop can ;)

Jessy Troy said...

Exactly! Cool idea!

Michelle said...

Cool idea! My son would definitely try this. He's always making new things out of old stuff that would usually just end up in the land fill. :)

D'angelo said...

that's so cool michelle! that's what I do too. ;)once stuff gets in the landfill, it never comes out, and cleaning your garage takes on a whole new meaning-cleaning one place just means moving the garbage and making somewhere else dirtier.

Dave said...

So simple, but really effective!

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