Dictionary Lamp - A Bit of Geekery at Home

On: Thursday, May 5, 2011

I wasn't able to find any tutorial on creating this one but I loved the idea. Look:
  1. A dictionary page for the shade;
  2. A round-bottomed flask for the stand.

The main thing is to remember that a light bulb can get really hot while on, so don't let it be close to the paper.


Dictionary Lamp

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4 appreciated comments on "Dictionary Lamp - A Bit of Geekery at Home"

Blazing Minds said...

This is a great recycling idea and it does look pretty cool, I wouldn't no to having this on my side table ;)

Jessy Troy said...

Yes! It really looks great! Thanks for stopping by, Karen!

hihihi! said...

not a dictionary but an old copy of a fav book ^^
i really like your blog and always admired it for its recycling/DIY, i was wondering if anyone is crafty hre and wants to enter my giveaway (now that I finally have one haha) ^^it ends very soon but im thinking of extending it ;)

Jessy Troy said...

Thanks for your kind words and for the invite!

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