Vinyl Record into a Cool Necklace

On: Monday, November 22, 2010

If you frequent my little blog, you are likely to know how much I love cool original ideas. This vinyl record necklace just made my day.

It looks chick and the implementation is just awesome.

A black record album has been heated and then folded over itself to give the effect of warped pavement.

Looks cool, doesn't it?

Vinyl record necklace
Vinyl record necklace

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3 appreciated comments on "Vinyl Record into a Cool Necklace"

Anonymous said...

heating up records is dangerous, as it releases toxic gases, however beautiful the outcome

so... prepare to lose more then just the old timey tunes on the record

Katherine Wagner (jewelry making whiz) said...

Yes! Vinyl record necklace is just way too awesome. I also love making jewelries including designing necklaces. Looking through this blog made me inspired and informed. Thanks for this very nice post.

Leslie Edmonds(secretstojewelrymaking) said...

I have old records from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Guess I'd have to pull them out of my drawer and make use of them. It's a great idea you turned them into a necklace.

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