Light Bulb into a Mini Green House

On: Monday, July 18, 2011

lightbulb plant
If you are into in-house planting, you'll love this fun idea: turn a light bulb into a tiny greenhouse.
Here's the detailed instruction (and make sure to look though the comments as well).

I am not sure what happens if / when a plant outgrows the bulb - but I guess there's a way to find a really tiny plant for it to grow inside for a long time.


lightbulb greenhouse
Here are a few interesting takeaways from the comments:
  • Will the plant need air?

    If you give the plants an airtight house, you create a mini ecosystem and the water that's inside will eventually evaporate to the top, condensate on the glass, and fall back down like rain.  It will keep doing that over and over, and you end up hardly ever having to water
  • Do the plant grow, and does it stop growing?

    The plants don't really grow much- a little bit, but they have stayed small enough to not outgrow the terrarium.  A few of the little fern babies have doubled or tripled in size over the course of many months, but they were very tiny to begin with.
More plants in a bulb:

lightbulb plant
lightbulb plant
lightbulb greenhouse 

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4 appreciated comments on "Light Bulb into a Mini Green House"

Dominique said...

gosh I love this!!
how do you unscrew the glass bulb from the screw?
when you put it back it is not air-tight right?
should it be placed on the sun/shadow?

Anonymous said...

lovely idea.where are the instructions

another anonymous said...

Two years and still no response to the question about where to get the instructions? What's the reticence? The light bulb looks great, but for at least some of us it isn't obvious how to take a light bulb apart and get started. How about some guidance?

Jessy Troy said...

The instructions are here:

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